byteSMART’s Digital Arts Services division is all about helping artisanal businesses and non-profits thrive despite geographical distance, resource constraints, and a challenging economy. We like helping people get comfortable, safe and profitable using digital tools.

Need control of your “enterprise techie bits”?We Can Help You:
Need to learn digital arts production techniques like art photography, videography, audio/soundtracks? Try our training workshops and classes for US & CDN artisans, agricultural businesses, and non-profits.Fully use what you have. Figure out what you actually need and how to do it.
Want to focus on your own art form and have us digitize it for the internet, virtual spaces, and digital exhibitions? Try our project bundles. Save time, stress & money
Want help with digital marketing issues?Understand the differences, apply them in the best way for YOUR business, and grow into your best-promoted self without feeling icky or phony.

Work SMART, even in the Digital Realm!

Digital Technology to Serve You!

Leah believes that everyone can set and achieve specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) goals in life and work.

She believes that digital technologies are the servant of the small organization, and that their effective application will help us thrive in our various pursuits. With the support of appropriate technology and skilled, helpful peers, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

Let Leah help you successfully manage digital technologies at work in your life so that YOU remain in control.

Let’s share the adventure!