Lots of small businesses don’t want to do everything themselves – or BY THEMSELVES – so we offer digital projects services as well.

If you’ve never had to purchase a pricey piece of software or technical services, the whole prospect might seem a little daunting, but you know that you need to move your digital world ahead in order to keep your little business or non-profit in the game long enough to do so good.

We offer some specific digital projects management, built-for-you, and consulting as you do it for the first time options that might ease you into independance or speed you on your way forward. These are quoted on a per project basis after you’ve had a chance to explore the details with us and get a strong grip on exactly what you’ll get and when.

Some of these kinds of projects are:

Short video projects, planning, production, editing.

Photo shoots for product marketing and documentation purposes.

BASIC photo retouching and restoration for digital and print output.

Tech Consulting – Hands-on technical project management assistance for US & CDN artisans, agricultural businesses, and non-profits.

Zoom Event project management and planning, and

Technology product acquisitions – software, cloud-based software services, printer or computer maintenance contracts, negotiations for a better cell phone, and so on .

To find out more, email us at proprietor@bytesmart.ca, or use the form below to tell us a bit about what you’d like to explore.